Participating Companies

Kiomkee Foodstuff Manufacturer|Seagift Food Pte Ltd|Sing Long Foodstuff|Sinhua Hock Kee Trading (S) Pte Ltd|Cecilia Minced & Dried Pork Food Trading (Xi Shi)|Baker’s Oven Patiseries Pte Ltd |Deli Asia (S) Pte Ltd|Naspac Marketing Pte Ltd|Hock Lian Huat Foodstuff Industry|TopChoice Food Industries (S) Pte Ltd|Tan Seng Kee Foods Pte Ltd|Chop Hup Chong Food Industries Pte Ltd |Kim Hing Food Industries Pte Ltd|Hai Sia Seafood Pte Ltd|Cheng Yew Heng Candy Factory Pte Ltd|Tai Hua Food Industries Pte Ltd|Sun Lim Garden Foodstuffs Pte Ltd|Shiro Corporation Pte Ltd|Kwong Woh Hing Sauce Factory Pte Ltd|Winson Press Pte Ltd|New Peng Hiang Pte Ltd|House of Seafood (S) Pte Ltd|Sin Hin Frozen Food Pte Ltd|Faesol Pte Ltd|
Ace Synergy International Pte Ltd|Chung Hwa Food Industries Pte Ltd|Lim Lam Thye Pte Ltd|Dr. WHO Waterworks Pte Ltd|Mr Popiah Cum Catering|Indoguna Singapore Pte Ltd|True Heritage Brew Singapore Pte Ltd|Far Ocean Sea Products Pte Ltd|Ho Kee Pau|Izy Bar|Li Chuan Food Products Pte Ltd|The Shepherd's Pie|Siang Poh Wang Food Industries Pte Ltd|Seng Hua Hng Foodstuff Pte Ltd

The SME Talent Programme (STP)
is an initiative that sponsors local Singaporean students with study awards and rewarding job opportunities with local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) upon graduation. 

SPRING Singapore
has appointed the Singapore Food Manufacturers’ Association (SFMA) to introduce the STP to talents like you that are full of potential for success. Come onboard this programme and we will show you the path to a bright future!
Singapore Food Manufacturers’ Association (SFMA)
The Singapore Food Manufacturers' Association is a professional and active trade association formed in 1967 by a small group of like-minded local food manufacturers with the purpose of developing and promoting the local food manufacturing industry.


SMEs provide a flexible working environment for creativity and innovation to grow. With such a dynamic work environment, you will have the opportunity to dabble in multiple aspects of the business and learn more. Say goodbye to monotony!
Having quality employees is of one of the keys to helping these SMEs grow their businesses to greater heights. SPRING understands that a hefty price tag can be attached to the training that help to develop such employees. With this programme, talents need not worry that they will miss out on such opportunities as SPRING will also support the training costs for participating SMEs to ensure that their talents are groomed to aid our Singapore SMEs.


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